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We are advertising directly to up to 19,000 consumers in Gibraltar every day with the Portal and its web pages of local businesses.  Your business should be here because there is no other medium in Gibraltar that gets advertisers direct to people in their homes or businesses on a daily basis to the level we do and at the low cost to advertisers of less than £3 per week.  Not only that but the Gibraltar Business Portal is NUMBER ONE on the First Page of which means that not only local consumers are looking but also internationally as well, we regularly have tens of thousands of visits to the pages of the Portal every month after less than six months since we started promoting the Portal to Gibraltar residents and we are also now getting visits from many countries as others abroad look for Gibraltar Businesses. so far 30 countries are looking at Gibraltar Business Portal, many of whose citizens visit Gibraltar.  Your Business needs to be here so that some of the millions of visitors that come to Gibraltar every year find your business before they get here, or whilst they are here in local hotels or on cruises, and cruise liners have the ability to surf the net also. We have been approved by an International Insurance Provider of Specialist Insurance to advertise for cover in Countries where others fear to provide protection to travellers, such as those in the Middle East or any country where terrorism could affect you or the fear of kidnap in other countries.  If you are travelling to a Danger Area, apply for a quote by clicking the banner below. If you become a victim, make sure your loved ones are well taken care of.
The advantages of having a web presence on the Gibraltar Business Portal is because the Portal is not only displaying web pages of Local businesses, but is also being promoted to every Gibraltar resident with an internet connection and who either has a facebook link to other users or is part of a Group. There is also an increasing number of visits from other countries and enquiries from International Businesses. The Portal is growing around the world.
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Gibraltar Business Portal

To the Gibraltar Business Portal

Neil Costa the Minister responsible for Small Business in Gibraltar said “I am happy

that this important manifesto commitment has now come to fruition. Small Businesses

are vital to Gibraltar’s economy and prosperity – they are the backbone of our

economy”.  Here at the Gibraltar Business Portal, we agree with that statement.

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Click on any letter in the blue bar below, if you know the name of who you are searching for or look under the letter for the profession or business they are part of
eg “R” for Restaurants or Removals, “C” for Cafe, Child Care, Couriers etc, then scroll the Directory list by name or profession and click the link for their page, or enter the url in your browser bar if you know their name
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Total Visits to These pages from January 1st, 2017 to December 31st, 2017: 534,977 We average up to 50,000 visits a month. from more than 70 Countries and April 2017 saw the most visits in one month since we launched 4 years ago of 100,000.363. And in excess of 100,000 from within Gibraltar over the year. If your business has a website does it receive that many visits? If not you should have a page on the portal. Only  149gbp  per page per Annum. A bargain compared to a full Website. Not forgetting generous discounts.
Can you afford NOT TO advertise on the Portal? Do you have a special offer you want to promote? Put it on The Portal. If you have your own website does it gets as many hits as this? Email us for more info.
Some exciting news for website owners.  Google recently changed their algorithms´ for ranking websites.  What that means is that when their spiders scour the internet your ranking on their pages either places you on the top, or for many, nowhere at all, and ranking on google is vital for most websites who rely on the internet for their business.  The reason for the change is due to the fact that Websites MUST be mobile responsive, or optimised, because of the fact that more business is now being conducted from mobiles and tablets than PCs and Laptops.  According to the Market Research Firm GARTNER. every year people use their Mobile (cell) phones to buy $172 BILLION worth of items and that figure is expected to increase by a staggering 249% by 2016. We are pleased to let you know that we have built into our website package the facility to create, a mobile responsive site along with the Main Website at NO EXTRA COST to our standard charges.  That puts us in the forefront of web design costs as we only charge £100 per page for a full standard website.  And there are generous Discounts.There is no additional charge for the mobile site.   We have partnered with Amazon Books in the Store. 
Some quick tax and social insurance facts 2016/2017
The Commonwealth Business Centre is launching soon. This is probably the biggest and best business opportunity on the planet and your business could be amongst the first to lock itself into a trade deal with the UK so check out the page on the Portal, or go to their Website for more information. The Link is: Here or their main website Put your business in front of 2.4 billion people in the 52 countries of the Commonwealth of Nations, the biggest trading block on the planet not forgetting up to 70 other countries who regularly visit this website.
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